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PC-Service esenpix is a Start-Up which since 2011 private and corporate customers in Munich in all PC matters. We have a solid customer base and are also available for short-term cooperation. We are specialized in the field of maintenance and troubleshooting of PC systems via remote desktop. Thus we have the possibility to support customers all over the world. Computer problems can range from application errors to more complex non-functional software products.

As an IT system house, we look after and maintain your IT systems and equipment. We are specialists for company networks, telephone systems, for Windows and Linux servers and client support. Our full service ranges from simple computer problems in everyday life to highly complex problems such as server breakdowns and 3rd level IT malfunctions, security measures to protect against hacker attacks, preparation of expert opinions up to variant configuration for SAP and customized software development. 

Our core business: 
✓ Care and support for new and existing IT systems

✓ 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support for users 

✓ Planning, introduction and training of IT solutions

✓ Support for your telephone system and server

✓ Troubleshooting, logging and resolution of IT incidents

✓ Support for e-mail, printers and video surveillance systems

✓ Defence and protection against cyber attacks 

As a reliable and established IT company, with over thousands of satisfied customers, we have already made a good name for ourselves through our expertise in information technology. We are future and service oriented and would like our customers to gain a long-term and reliable partner through us. Our main focus is to protect the company's internal knowledge and to be at any time meaningful to your IT systems and their infrastructure. We are your contact partner when it comes to summarizing, logging and supporting your IT. 

Computer help - a simple solution

I'm sure you know the problem. Your computer is too slow, there are always pop-ups of programs that you may not even know about. Sometimes an AdBlocker can help, but unfortunately not always.

At the latest in such a case, you should call on professional service so that these problems can be solved. Mostly unwanted programs are caught when software products are installed. Our emergency service is available for you at any time by telephone. You can make an appointment with us immediately. It does not matter whether you have time in the evening or on the weekend. We are gladly available for you at any time!

Through remote maintenance we can connect directly to your computer for a one-time session so that we can solve your problem remotely. You will be immediately connected to an expert without long waiting times. You can sit back and watch us in the time it takes to solve your PC problem.
Individual help with your Mac and PC instead of stress

Unfortunately, without the terms used in the computer industry, you don't get very far to deal with everyday computer problems. Our specialists are happy to take care of these tasks, because that is what we are here for. We have a solid education in the IT industry and have many years of experience in the field of information technology.

Therefore we speak from experience and are happy to explain to you an easier way to solve your computer problem. Challenges are taken care of by our specialists
Remote computer help?

Many everyday computer problems can be solved remotely using our remote maintenance software and over the phone. You have full flexibility here, as you can either get help immediately or make an appointment with us. You can let us help you regardless of time and place. So you do not have to visit our workshop. However, we also offer you the service of handing over the computer to one of our partners or visiting you personally.

Just give us a call. You will be connected directly with the IT expert and can describe your problem. You will then be helped immediately or an appointment will be made.
The professional will show you where you can download and start the remote maintenance software. You can watch us during the whole time, what we do exactly on your computer and have complete control on your computer
During the session the problem you have described will be solved. You will be explained on the computer exactly what we do and where the error lies. This is possible because we can connect directly to your computer.
After solving the problem, the expert will explain to you on the phone what exactly the problem was and will inform you about preventive measures so that you can solve the same problems independently in the future. If you wish, we can make a backup of your data or perform a virus check.
If there is no solution to solve your problem via remote maintenance, our expert will visit you personally on site and make an appointment with you beforehand.

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Sehr gute Beratung bei der Konzeption unserer App. " Ayse

Sehr gute Beratung bei der Konzeption unserer App. " Ayse

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Usability der Apps sind hervorragend. Sehr freundlicher und lobenswerter Service " Peter

Usability der Apps sind hervorragend. Sehr freundlicher und lobenswerter Service " Peter

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Dank der umgesetzten App, sind wir besser vernetzt und konnten unsere Prozesse optimieren. " Gerhardt

Dank der umgesetzten App, sind wir besser vernetzt und konnten unsere Prozesse optimieren. " Gerhardt

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IT Betreuung eines Klienten

Our IT service in Munich is cost transparent & fair. For companies of all sizes we offer our tailor-made IT solution. We can offer our IT support to small and medium-sized companies 24/7, as well as with short SLA times. Even short-term deployment of our IT specialists is possible at your site. Let us convince you of our work and make an appointment today. You can request an offer directly via our contact form!

Whether it is about troubleshooting your servers, setting up or expanding your IT infrastructure, IT rollout of application software, or comprehensive consulting to modernize your IT. We also help you if you need professional support for an IT move or if you want to change your current IT service provider. We are your IT partner when it comes to exactly these points. Let us advise you without obligation and convince yourself!